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This is a training programme for managers, an organisational approach to managing pressure. Candidates learn to develop individual coping strategies and identify sources of organisational pressure using a risk assessment tool. The aim of the course is to discuss and debate the various issues which relate to stress and for candidates to identify individual and organisational coping strategies to avoid or reduce sources of pressure. Topics include; Well-balanced Model, Case Law, Risk Assessment, What Is Stress?, What Is Pressure?, Stressometer, Burnout Stages 1 2 and 3, Feelings, Behaviours, Conflict & Relationships, Coping Skills & Personality, Dividing Your Time, Home Work Balance, Social Support and Looking Forward.

£90 per person
Corporate booking 12 or more candidates £60 per candidate, on-site

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£90.00 per person.

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15th August 2018

As heart-breaking as this story is, you cannot help admire the skills and dedication of the police officers, legal and forensic teams involved. What they must they see is unimaginable, but to do what they do with such integrity and commitment, day by day, in the pursuit of these offenders and the protection of their victims, is extraordinary. Sue B...

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"Our business required some ad hoc occupational health advice and we came across Marie Church CBT following a strong recommendation from another company. Marie and her team guided us through the referral process and our query was dealt with in a prompt, confidential and professional manner. The advice given was very clear and relevant to our manual work environment. I would definitely recommend Marie Church CBT to any business who is looking for occupational health support whether it be on an adhoc or contractual basis. - Armstrong & Son Ltd ."

~ Armstrong & Son Heating & Plumbing Ltd - In association with Biomass North East Ltd

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