Pre-Placement Assessments

Pre-Placement Assessments

Pre-placement health assessments are undertaken when you have confirmed employment. These are done for employees whose work may impact their health conditions, disabilities or functional capabilities. They may be conducted on employees whose job may require them to meet fitness standards such as:

  • Divers
  • Food handlers
  • Confined space workers
  • Workers at Heights
  • Safety Critical Workers
  • Offshore crew
  • Teachers and those coming into regular contact with young persons under the age of 19
  • Health care professionals
  • Professional drivers (LGV, train, fork lift truck)
  • Flight crew
  • Emergency Services Personnel (Police, Firefighters, Ambulance, Coastguard)

We conduct a screening of the health declaration or pre-placement health questionnaire; if all is well and the employee does not require reasonable adjustments or accommodations under the Equality Act 2010, we will provide a fitness to work notification. If an employee has an underlying medical condition we can arrange a telephone assessment and if we need to report on any underlying issues that the employee may need to support them in work we will provide a fitness to work report. At some point your employee may require a fitness test or baseline health assessment to ensure they are safe to carry out the work you have employed them in and we will report on our findings, for example:

  • On the proposed duties, risks and medical standards for the job
  • Whether the employees’ health could to be affected by the job and the degree of risk in the duties they may perform
  • What steps should be taken to reduce this risk
  • Whether the employees’ health places themselves or others at risk from undertaking the job and what steps should be taken to reduce this risk
  • Whether these risks are reasonable
  • Whether modifications can be made to enable the employee to do the job

If you would like to discuss Pre-placement Assessments or any of the services we offer further, please contact our team at or call us on 01748 824942.

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