Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests

We offer Audiometry testing to enable you to check your staff for any form of hearing loss.  It is important that hearing tests are routinely carried out to monitor any issues of hearing loss and so the right support and treatment can be provided.

A trained Occupational Health Technician or Occupational Health Nurse will bring portable audiometry equipment to your site to carry out the hearing tests.  The equipment plays sounds of different volumes and frequencies through headphones; the employee presses a button to indicate when they can hear the tone. Test results are printed out and explained to the employee at the time of testing. 

As part of the audiometry health surveillance we will carry out routine testing, usually every 3 years up to the age of 60, thereafter annually.  The frequency may be increased if any issues with an individual’s hearing are found at the time of testing.

It is the employer's responsibility to provide hearing checks for all employees who are likely to be at risk of hearing loss.  Audiometry testing helps the employer and employee by:

• Monitoring whether existing measures are proving to be effective
• Alerting the employee/employer to any early signs of hearing damage;
• Enabling the employee/employer to take measures to prevent any existing condition from worsening;

The test takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes to carry out and is completely painless.  

If you would like to discuss hearing tests or any of the other health surveillance services we offer, please contact our team at marie.church@mariechurchcbt.co.uk or call us on 01748 824942.


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"Our business required some ad hoc occupational health advice and we came across Marie Church CBT following a strong recommendation from another company. Marie and her team guided us through the referral process and our query was dealt with in a prompt, confidential and professional manner. The advice given was very clear and relevant to our manual work environment. I would definitely recommend Marie Church CBT to any business who is looking for occupational health support whether it be on an adhoc or contractual basis. - Armstrong & Son Ltd ."

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