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In an age of constant change and uncertainty, growing challenges and expectations in the workplace can be a demanding place for workers. We believe the cornerstone of good business is understanding that your workforce population is a group of individuals who are up against a complex interplay of pressure from all directions, in relationships, in meeting your expectations, in processes and in their personal experience of internal and external adverse events. Thus the solution to helping them cope is to help them develop emotional intelligence to tackle life’s pressure in a resilient and meaningful way. We believe this will optimise their physical and emotional health. We want to help leaders and managers to understand the factors that influence good and bad health outcomes in your organisation.

Health promotion in the workplace 

At the heart of a new vision for improving the health of a working age population is the prevention of illness and the promotion of health and wellbeing. Recent reports show that we are living longer but we are far from being healthy. All the indicators are that our physical and mental health problems are increasing and there is significant burden on employers, employees and taxpayers. A review of the research on health and wellbeing initiatives in workplace based programmes has found considerable benefits across all sectors that good health is good business.  We provide:

Lifestyle assessments

We have developed a lifestyle assessment questionnaire and testing.  The areas that we test for include:

  • Cholesterol
  • BMI
  • Height, weight
  • Alcohol
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Stress

After an evaluation of the questionnaire and testing, we provide a comprehensive assessment with advice and guidance on how to make improvements to lifestyle and manage stress better.  Any abnormal testing we refer direct to the GP for follow-up and monitoring.

Health and wellbeing campaigns

To help you develop a healthier workforce we can provide a variety of options that promote health and wellbeing at work such as:

  • large campaigns that are aligned to governments initiatives, like national no smoking day
  • mini-events that encourage healthy living such as diet, obesity, smoking, exercise, alcohol, preventing heart disease, cervical screening, breast screening, sun and health
  • we can provide an annual roadshow, a group taster or wellbeing seminar or help you plan ‘away days’ for action adventure activities such as canoeing or swimming.

There are literally hundreds of local and national campaigns that take place and we can tap into these or plan them around your organisational and social activities. Alternatively we can arrange pod casts, blogs, newsletters, links, promotional literature which you can upload onto your internal websites or put up on your notice boards or do a desk-top drop. 

We believe in encouraging healthy living and so we have developed a website filled with information, links, articles and hot topics that your staff can access free of charge; here are some we prepared earlier!

Beating the blues (website)
HSE website on stress (website)
Albert Ellis on YouTube (website)
Managing Pressure.pdf
Human Givens (website)

If you would like to discuss any of the above health promotion activities, please contact our Health Promotion Coordinator at or call us on 01748 824942

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