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Health and Wellbeing Centre

Based in the beautiful Georgian market town of Richmond in North Yorkshire, we offer a Health and Wellbeing Centre which provides a hub for occupational health and wellbeing services for Richmond and the surrounding area.

Services we currently offer from the Health and Wellbeing Centre include:
• Occupational health referrals face to face and telephone
• Occupational health assessments
• CBT/ Counselling
• Mindfulness training
• Resilience training
• Reiki
• Crystal therapy
• Yoga
• Acupuncture

Please call our offices to book an appointment on 01748 824942 or email on
Therapists wishing to run their services from one of our elegant consulting rooms can contact us to discuss either by emailing on or telephoning on 01748 824942.

Occupational health client support from the Health and Wellbeing Centre

Our vision is to be a centre of excellence in the UK market for providing services that help organisations maximise health and wellbeing in their workplace. We are based in the North of England but we are well rehearsed (15 years) in looking after nationwide contracts and our speciality is looking after multisited contracts. Our nurses, doctors and OH practitioners are accredited to show you we are leading the way in modern, objective and evidence based practice. We know how difficult it can be to find occupational health services that truly perform and really deliver the investment your business deserves. We understand the challenges of poor health in the workplace and we realise how hard it is not only to find excellent occupational health you can rely on, but then to manage and harness the specialist contribution you have bought.

We put the relationship with our clients foremost and we have a reputation for doing so, we provide a dedicated admin centre based in Richmond, North Yorkshire staffed with experienced senior occupational health administrators who will take your enquiries in a professional and courteous manner and direct you to the appropriate support to provide a timely and effective response, we will book appointments direct with line managers or staff, confirming the appointments in writing, or by email, and send text reminders to line managers and staff. We provide telephone consultations with our experienced Occupational Health nurses for referrals and complex case reviews.
When we win a contract we will appoint a single point of contact  to manage the OH service for you, we employ OH administrators to act as account managers who will  develop a sound knowledge of the culture and complexities of your organisation liaising with each referring manager as they receive the referrals and arranging the on-site clinics, telephone and/or e-consultations as they are processed.

Our dedicated Administration Team are trained to evaluate the referrals before they are processed, advising and guiding your management teams into a quality consultation with our clinicians. Our experience has told us that this is a seamless fully managed and end to end service, in which the clinicians are supported by our Health and Wellbeing Centre and line managers are supported both by our clinicians and administrators, leaving you to get on with your business.

You will be able to contact the Health and Wellbeing Centre from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday but we provide a 24/7 telephone service so that staff can contact us out of hours to cancel appointments or leave messages for the Administration Team when the office reopens in core business time.

The types of enquires you can make into our Health and Wellbeing Centre include:

• Attendance Management & Management Referrals
• Case Escalation
• Physician Consultancy
• OH Guidance & Expertise
• Employment Health Screening
• Health & Wellbeing Promotion
• Workplace Assessments
• Eye Sight Testing
• Clinical Audit
• Health Surveillance
• Worker Assessments
• Governance, Management Reporting
• Cognitive Behavior Therapy
• Management Training
• OH Nurse professional development

Please call our office to talk to us or book an appointment on 01748 824942 or email on; alternatively you can use the on-line referral booking link

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