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We offer a wide range of courses, which can be booked either by the 'Workshops and Courses - Book Now' link displayed on this page, by emailing us on or by telephoning on 01748 824942.  Click here to view our full range of courses currently on offer.  Our courses include, but are not limited to:

Work/Life Balance

This workshop is designed to explore what having a work/life balance actually means, identify problems for individuals when not achieved, and develop an action plan to optimise health and wellbeing at home and at work.

Perfectionism in the Workplace

Designed to identify perfectionist thinking and behaviours, this workshop will also explore whether they are constructive or destructive to productivity and develop strategies to optimise performance.

Improving Self Discipline

Difficulty with self discipline, such as time management and procrastination can hinder efficiency in the workplace. Participants at this workshop will have the opportunity to identify and remove the obstacles to optimum performance.

Women in Leadership

This workshop is designed to specifically look at the adversities that can affect women in leadership. Participants can expect to enhance their problem solving skills and develop techniques to create a highly functional environment in both work and home life.

Improving Self Confidence

Having confidence in one's performance is important in a competitive business market. A lack of confidence can be a key factor in defining a person’s career path. Participants at this workshop can expect to increase their understanding of what reduces self confidence and gain skills in developing self belief.

Improving Assertion Skills

This workshop is suitable for those who wish to improve their communication skills within their working environment. Participants can expect to increase their understanding of the advantages of assertive communication while improving their own assertion skills.

Optimising Team Interaction Skills

The key focus of this workshop is for managers to develop skills that will aide them in motivating their team by optimising effective communication. The emphasis will be on the manager having a resource of skills and techniques to foster an environment where the team is able to work together at an optimum level towards team targets.

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19th July 2017

Equality law recognises that bringing about equality for disabled people may mean changing the way in which employment is structured, the removal of physical barriers and/or providing extra support for a disabled worker or job applicant. This includes the duty to make reasonable adjustments (Equality and Human Rights Commission, 2016). However, sho...

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